Introduction to Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry is the most major part of Urdu Poetry. Many poets in Urdu write poetry according to their Era. Many poets like Mirza Ghalib, Meer Taqi Meer, and Allama Iqbal have blessed Urdu Poetry with a greats collection of Urdu Poetry. If you want to read the beautiful poetry collection of Urdu. Then I suggest you visit This site is the best site of Urdu that has a popular collection of Urdu Poetry. This site provides us best Friendship Poetry, Barish Poetry, and Romantic Poetry collections.

The time of Urdu Poetry is divided into Two Eras:

  • Classical Poetry Era
  • Jadeed Poetry Era

Classical Poetry Era

The Classical Era of Urdu Poetry is the time where Urdu Poetry made huge progress. We can this as the Era of the prosperity of Urdu Poetry. In the classical era, many big-name poets like Meer, Ghalib, Hali, And Iqbal have to write a mega-collection of poetry at this time.

Jadeed Poetry Era

In Jadeed Poetry Era we see poets like Jaun Eliya. We can say him the Meer of Our that time. Nowadays we can see many poets of Jadeed Poetry like Wasi Shah, Abbas Tabish, Tehzeeb Hafi, etc. I suggest you see their Poetry collection at as I see the content of this site and it is really interesting.


this is all about Urdu Poetry introduction and can see about it also on other sites. Here we try to give you all information about everyone in a short article.

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